As with most project management organisations, you will find you have to fit in to one method or another of doing things in order for them to achieve your desired results…    we don’t, while not being adhoc, we do prefer a more personal/tailored touch towards achieving that end result for you.   This also applies to some of our voluntary projects that we may assist with.

This creates a more effective product both in the short and long term; we also test your product before releasing it to you, to ensure quality has been reached.

When exploring our projects, albeit from our perspective, you will notice they can be used to form part of your business development plan.

These are some of the businesses we are still actively working with once they have moved into a completed status.   You could also hold a spot here as well as on our front page.

bramblewood boarding kennels
Active Dog Boarding Kennels

B&B : Expert Day Cay
Boarding Kennels

Sunshine Park
Est' 2018

Registered Caravan
& Motorhome Park

Once your project has received the attention required to be completed, along with an outline file, you'll find them here for an indetermined period before we archive them.   However, unless we have decided otherwise, we may offer you a spot on on our show case section and front page.





Bramblewood Kennels

Existing Business. Active Dog Boarding Kennels. Market Presence.

Completing: October 2019
(approx’ 1 month)

RC Bolt-Ons

Build a Hobby Business

Jan 2019 – Mar 2019
(3 Months)

Sunshine Park

Build & Develop New Business Entity

May 2018 – July 2018
(2 Months)

Steve Jolliffe

Business Legacy Creation

Sept 2015 – Mar 2018
(6 Months)

Hart Inn

Business Devlopment & Management

Nov 2015 – Nov 2016
(12 Months)

Projects that have been activated and are now being action for completion.    While we operate a transparency clause, we also appreciate discrecion; therefore, while being developed, the Project initially may not have any detailing and once completed will then emerge on our completed wall with a complete Project file for you to view.





Utilitarian Democrats

New Political Party.  Black & Gold. Balance & Direction

Re-calculating: July 2017
(approx’ 6-12 months)


Business Entity & Project Creation


For the benefit of both Archiving and Search, a part of our project management, all works started and or completed will be placed into a suitable category.   While the core function of Shadow Crown Services is Business Creation, Home Development, Operations Development and Management, you will find that each business will be categorised under industry type.  Once the basic information has been identified and gathered, this then and in-turn, moves it into our Current listing.






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Please also bear in mind, the categories displayed here are not just limited to what we may have completed in terms of a project; but may also include particular posts and articles that have been generated about this category.

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