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It’s fair to say, and without being too controversial, when spliting the planet into measurable functional parts such as; society, faith, economics, and politics, that there has been a great deal of shifting and changing within the political quarter.  Observed from this yard stick, over the years the remaining three quarters, in one capacity or another, have expressed their concerns towards the political quarters conduct, if not picking on their skill and ability, they have certainly targeted the lack of choice in the arena and limited scope each provide.

Work Done

Test Run:  when exploring political parties, taking into account how they are designed, the purpose they serve, and the reach of impact and or influence they have; over a span of ten years the idea of a new political party has been openly explored.  However, when talking about a new political party, we are talking about a political organisation, whereby, it is not a one trick pony, otherwise a disposable function with a single purpose.

Identity:  with a plethora of options and opportunity available, it would be easy to fall or follow one design as opposed to creating another, however; while this is the case, there is naturally going to be a particular trend that identifies and seperates a political entity from an economic one.  From this, we have to the break down the political arena to then be able to create Utilitarian Democrats signature design, motif, slogan, internal structure, and ability to interact socially, and so forth.

  • Etymology: or origin, Utilitarianism, while not exclusively used as a word itself has noted to have come into existence over two thousand years ago, to mention just a few, starting in the BC eras of Confucius through to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle through to the AD eras of Chu Hsi, Ch’en Liang, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mills, etc – where the name/term progressively became coined.
  • Slogan: Balance and Direction.  Need over want, skill and ability over heritage, etc, etc.
  • Colour: Black and Gold. Drawn from the idea of being valuable otherwise the entity holds value.  Additionally, is serious about what it does and represents, and – who it will eventually serve.
  • Motif: or Logo, is a physical representation of the slogan and elements drawn from the principle function of Utilitarianism.

Purpose/Function: The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few, the greater good or the lesser of two evils, Yi and Li, Jing and Quan, and Gongli and Sili, even…

  • “While the Sum whole is greater than the sum of its parts; the greater the sum of each part creates a greater whole sum!”

However, in reality it’s not as simple as that.  Therefore and hence why, we are now building Utilitarian Democrats as a way of saying we have figured out a method, tested it and know that it will work for – and yes while being quite ambitious – everyone, in turn offering something that not only works, but this time… in real-time.

Innovations:  Many folk nolonger vote for one reason or another, for example; because they cannot wholly agree with one party policy, and for this reason others will frequently switch.  Utilitarian Democrats is,

  • Center Ground, otherwise is now creating the center ground,
  • Flexible enough to respond to needs, but not so much so that it caves in to needless preasure; it will ultimately take the lead and have the final say through a finalised manifesto.
  • Adaptable, in that it recognises all four quarters and that each part needs the other to grow.
  • Glocal or glocalization, in that it is being build to not only serve its local constituent parts, but able to, as a result of the latter, connect the world in a manner that is not only suitable for each other, but create a global community (or unity/union).

All being told, Utilitarian Democrats is a philosophy, a facility, otherwise the required tools to re-align politics for the road ahead.

  • “We’re not after reinventing politics, just simply refining it.”


Eventually and once completed, the party will be registered again as it was back in 2012.  Below are the files that will also become availble as the site and entity is being constructed, as well as being a part of its infrastructure.

  • A. Party Manifesto.   First Version: what you need to know what was/is being proposed.
  • B. Registration Documents.
  • C. Membership Applications
    • Members
    • Candidates
    • Committee Members, etc
  • D. Internal Policies, Procedure and Constitution
  • E. Donations and Financials

Please don’t get us wrong, there are many political parties out there and are equally as valuable as the next, more so when talking about diversity and being a living reminder that there are many differing opinions to many differing scenarios.   When exploring beyond individual persons; this has been a macro test to identify scalable national needs, then through to identifying individual lives and households across the world.

Utilitarian Democrats , as discovered, in itself is not a new idea, first emerging two  millennia ago, then coined across the past few centuries to now, being born again back in 2012, and by 2013 had its own damain name (URL) and website.  While it was never maintained and has now since lapsed, it was a test run to be able to identify a suitable website model; not only that, since then, web-designing has come on along way.

However, now Shadow Crown Services has shown its adaptability and received minor awards for its abilities, we are now going to bring everything back up to date, by contributing some time to bring it back to life.

Walk Through

Website: The website will be both SSL Certified and Firewalled to protect the website itself, and when starting to take on members through a members area – any members, be-it payment or personal, detials will also be protected.   Additionally, there is a backup and reprogramming facility, so IF – in the event someone does attempt, otherwise realy feels the need, to hack UDs site,

  • A.  The login portal can be automatically locked down
  • B.  Data can be backed-up and passwords changed
  • C.  Account holders can be notified

Analytics:  While all information being acquired is non-personal, otherwise does not identify a person, this helps the party to identify its audience in general and in-turn, lends itself well to party operations development, especially if a member makes a comment.   What it records;

  • A.  Tracks the number of website visitors
  • B.  Assists towards security matters
  • C.  Which pages the member uses the most
  • D.  Identifies location demographics

Forum:  While not possible at the moment, there are going to be facilities for a member, or prospecting individual, to gain access or request a membership through the sites links.

Contributors:  Utilitarianism is a time old philosophy, it has never been an ideology, therefore is more about a way of life and state of mind as opposed to a dogmatic one sided belief. As proven, the utilitarian philosophy is always growing in its ability to learn, adapt and grow to serve a far greater audience.

  • Historically: based on its history, members will still be able to discuss how Utilitarianism can further adapt.
  • Currently: Utilitarian Democrats is open for all age groups while promoting the understanding of ethical, but – realistic, growth among younger folks.
  • Future: Assisting the emergence of well grounded, optimistic, flexible, yet realistic and workable policies, which can operate across both the short and long-terms.

Policies:  For the time being, here you can find Utilitarian Democrats 2012-2015 Policies that where developed primarily to show what the party, and its perspective, was/is indeed capable of.   Additionally, all members and candidates, beyond any NEC meetings for open delivery, will be able to discuss (time-bound) these policies within the designated forum(s).

  • A.  Stage one planning and preperations, this will allow members to comment, add, otherwise refine the policy being proposed through a thread per policy, then
  • B. Stage two final pass, where we close the original thread down and open a finalised proposal for comments, from this
  • C. Stage three, this wil form the final manifesto to be presented as its governing strategy for National and or International Development.

Payments:  As part of Utilitarian Democrats site security, we have also incorporated a Secure Card Payment Gateway.   All payments, along with the form that members/candidates fill out, is handled by/under the secure environment of their chosen payment gateway.   Therefore, one way or an other, payment processing are going to be secured for peace in mind.

We are currently working on the new website model, by all means have a look and even make suggestions; however, this for the time being is the only advertised portal.   As the party both develops and grows, it will have everything it needs to be able to function as a competing entity and in-turn, choose its direction of choice, otherwise simply maintain what has been set out.

Web Presence:  While not currently available in its fullest context and did have its own point of contact via both email and phone number we have now routed everything through Shadow Crown Services.

Facilities:  While most all facilities are pretty much self-explanitory; however and upon inspection, if you have any queries or issues, you are able to use this address to enquire about anything their site does not cover, such as accessibility and more services, etc.

Membership: If you feel you could run with Utilitarian Democrats, or you want some detailings clearing up, then you are able to contact us about Utilitarian Democrats here:

Customer Support:  Used as part of their privacy policy, if you have queries or issues relating to anything not mentioned above, or in prior and further tabs, then we are happy to answer any questions you may have through this email address.

Business Matters: While Shadow Crown Services is currently assisting Utilitarian Democrats, we are more than happy to chat with you.   You’ll find that the website will pretty much be self-sufficient, so the best way to ensure a prompt and acurrate answer, it is advised that you utilise these contact portals.

If you wish to support Utilitarian Democrats, again, currently this is the only portal.  Move to the “Support” tab.

What else in this day and age do you need beside your very own website; well, we have connected Utilitarian Democrats with both Facebook and Twitter

You will find while UD is under construction, that the preferred medium will be Twitter and for the ability to capture news feeds… Utilitarian Democrats Facebook page, once finished, should then pick up this activity.

Further to this, and again once completed, you’ll find everything then will simply emerge from Utilitarian Democrats website and in-turn then loop back through to it; so you’ll know all posts are genuine.

While other social media platforms will be explored, it currently is not required as social media will surfice, along with both word of mouth; more so while we are readying Utilitarian Democrats for mainstream activation and registration.

The internal page links within the Menus/Index work once downloaded:

Appropriate contact forms will be made available soon…

WARNING::  For the time being, and until otherwise specified here, you can only register your interest through Shadow Crown Services.

  • »  Membership, Candidacy
  • We will require,
    • Interest = Membership or Candidacy and or Committee Member
    • Name
    • Address
    • Age, and
    • Email Address
    • Brief Statement
  • This will then, once running, allow us to create an account for you within the forum, for you to then activate.


Offer Financial Support and make Financial Enquiries:

NOTES::  If you feel something is wrong, or someone is taking advantage, otherwise fraudulenty presenting themselves as Utilitarian Democrats and or Shadow Crown Services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You’ll know whether it is from either of us or not, as only one email address is currently being used, and can be recognised both here, and by clicking on the image you find in the upper left corner of the email you may have received.

Utilitarian Democrats