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Knowledge Based Organisation; whether as an individual, to a direct management consultation service, we can assist the home in exploring work related and development matters, through to business consultancy for general operations development.    Whether the choice is a complete solution to something more specific, shadow crown lends itself well to being that third person perspective when you feel you are just a little stuck or really want to push the boat out for change.   We are here to offer a supporting hand in times of change and to ensure the project is completed.


About SCS

Shadow Crown from start to finish can either be a complete or bespoke service provider covering the home environment to management and business operations consultancy; with 10 years in consultancy and 25+ years within people and service orientated businesses.

Being a Knoweledge Based Organisation (KBO), we are effective as we not only pay attention to the details, but we also pay attention to you.

Assisting with enabling change and unlocking further growth potential is not just for the business or service sectors, but also for you as an individual within society.

As a project management service, each aspect of what we do is developed and revolves around your needs, your timings and your budget.   Have a look around and see what we could do for you.

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Project Management

What we’ve been working on…

Shadow Crown project management services, explores many varying areas when working with your business model, be it in part or, as a whole.   We don’t simply tick boxes, which suggests we might have a predefined idea of how your business works, nor do we start by trimming the staff records; as there’s nothing like putting fear of change into a supporting work force before we even start.   We look at all aspects from; Market penetration, procurement of better services, operational/procedural practices, through to client credit accounts, then we explore if you’re over staffed, through to if there’s a need for human capital investment/training.


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We draw large circles and can be found in varying places across the internet.  As a Knowledge Based Organisation, not everything is financially driven, we do also get involved offering open and helpful advice.

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