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Shadow Crown Services best description of itself would be a, Knowledge Base Organisation (KBO), whether for you as an individual, to a direct management consultation service, we can assist the home in exploring work related and development matters, through to business consultancy for general operations development.    Whether the choice is a complete solution to something more specific, shadow crown lends itself well to being that third person perspective when you feel you are just a little stuck or really want to push the boat out for change.   We are here to offer a supporting hand in times of change and to ensure the project is completed.


Shadow Crown Services is a knowledge base organisation that works with the private, social and political sectors.   Offering services that covers quite a broad scope, such as Project Management, Management Consultation, and Marketing Management.

But then! This is the business and political sector, most all of our services are convertible and available to the public too, which include; CV and job advice, social / home directional advice, websites or hosting for reasonable personal use, computer, security and network installs, upgrades and repairs.

Offering a little of our future plans; as part of progressively becoming a CIC, we have now opened a Technology Section that will host our Green Technology Products.

Have a look around, use our consulting or portals tabs to see the industries we work with, alternatively, have a look at our project management flare at work.   We look forward to chatting with you…

Project Management

What we’ve been working on…

Utilitarian Democrats

Balance & Direction

Steve Jolliffe

Long standing Musician & Teacher

RC Bolt-Ons

Crazy micro-world of Radio Controlled cars

Sunshine Park - Cornwall

The Old Country of Cornwall

Bramblewood Boarding Kennels

20 years developed boarding kennels

Tree Inn

Historical Market Town of Stratton

Project Management through shadow crown services, whether for personal, business or political use is pretty easy and with no messing around.   We explore many varying areas when working with your business model, be it in part or, as a whole.

We don’t simply tick boxes, which suggests we might have a predefined idea of how your business works, nor do we start by trimming the staff records; as there’s nothing like putting fear of change into a supporting work force before we even start.

We look at all aspects from, Market penetration, procurement of better services, operational/procedural practices, through to client credit accounts, then we explore if you’re over staffed, through to if there’s a need for human capital investment/training.


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We draw large circles and can be found in varying places across the internet.  As we grow as a knowledge base organisation and find the best way in which to present this information for you to explore, you will find not everything we offer is financially driven.   While more focused for public use, we get involved offering open and helpful advice because sometimes the need is greater than the want, and can be quite expensive if you don’t have the funds to grow.

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SME News 2018: Best Business Developement Service.

AI Business Excellence Award 2019: Business Development Service.

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