Radio Controlled Model Repairs

Steven Bolton, a young man with plenty of passion and ambition for an idea that has begun to change his current career path, his skills focus, from repairing cars as a motor vehicle mechanic, into repairing radio controlled cars.  The world of intricacy and detailing of the moving parts that make these micro designs so fascinating, caught a hold of Steve’s interest short of five years ago.  He has steadily, to now, started to build on this new venture.

Work Done

The Idea: Radio Controlled Model Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades.  The main focus being on cars, and petrol driven versions.  Cars can be repaired and or maintained as is, otherwise and by specification, be upgraded to deliver more performance; or even offer be made race specification ready.

Long Range Plan: While starting from the above foundations and quality of service, the idea is to expand into the broader market place as an RC racing brand, RC Bolt-Ons wil be looking to manufacture its own parts and produce quality models as well as offering up a racing model for challenges, as you would find in the RAC Rally challenges.

Branding: All has been drawn from Mr Boltons liking/favourite colours and styles, so we started to have a look at the trend Steve has steadily started to set for himself.

  • » Colour.  Black, Blue and Violet.
  • » Style.  Carbon Fibre.
  • » Logo.  It’s the racers world, with the initials, skull and cross spanners seem to stand out to Steve.

Market Presence: Facebook page, Website, Google pages.  Along with the chosen Colour scheme, Style and Logo, a Facebook page, Website and Google presence has been created to create a reasonably sized web.  Besides Google, both Mr Boltons RC Bolt-Ons business has a store facility and forum/members area.

Financials: Shadow Crown Services and Paypal/Stripe are the main collection agents, ensuring Mr Bolton has the right type of backing to ensure his invoices are paid/collected. Eventually, Steven will be learning how to operate an accounting system such as Quickbooks or Xero, etc.


  • 1. As a new Start-up, a contracted agreement has been set in place, with the terms lasting until the business can support itself and then its owner.
  • 2. New filing system, Image rebuild and web presence. (copyrights / creative licensing are/is applied where appropriate).
  • 3. New contacts are being created which will incorporate any trading accounts that have been, otherwise are progressively being, established to ensure parts are available.

More so than ever in these days, as part of any business construction and development, an online presence is becoming more important – while more work is being done to bring RC Bolt-Ons his very own domain name and web presence in the style he has now chosen, currently his customers still have a portal to access and acquire these services/facilities and at a time that is more convenient to their needs.   Further to this, it also lends itself well – while being consice – to provide a more detailed explanation to his services/facilities, as the customer may need the information on the fly, and where important information could be accidentally missed over the phone.

Walk Through

Website: The website is both SSL Certified and Firewalled to protect the website itself, if he chooses to create a members area – any members details and their payment detials are also protected.   Adittionally, there is a backup and reprogramming facility, so IF – in the event someone does attempt a hack on Steves site,

  • » The login portal can be automatically locked down
  • » Data can be backed-up and passwords changed
  • » Account holders can be notified

Analytics:  While all information being acquired is non-personal, otherwise does not identify a person, this helps the business to identify its audience in general and lend itself well to business operations development, especially if a customer makes a comment.   What it records;

  • » Tracks the number of website visitors
  • » Assists towards security matters
  • » Which pages the customer uses the most
  • » Identifies location demographics

Services:  While two are present, there are facilities for a customer to request an upgrade service.

Parts Brand:  While RC Bolt-Ons is more about RC Model repairs, as part of the long-range plan, RC Bolt-Ons will present a facility to purchase parts.

Forum:  Here we have installed forum where his customers, fan/followers can login and chat with each other and if not through the sites contact form, even place an order.

Payments:  As part of RC Bolt-Ons site security, we have also incorporated a Secure Card Payment Gateway.   All payments, along with the form that customers fill out, is handled by/under the secure environment of their chosen payment gateway.   Therefore, one way or an other card payments are being secured for peace in mind.

While there will undoubtedly be tweeks still left to be done as the business both develops and grows, it now has everything it needs to be able to function as a trading entity and in-turn, choose its direction of choice, otherwise simply maintain what has been set out.

Facilities:  While most all facilities are pretty much self-explanitory; however upon inspection, if you have any queries or issues, you are able to use this address to enquire about anything their site does not cover, such as accessibility and more services, etc.

Bookings: If you feel something has not gone quite right with your booking form, or you want some detailings clearing up, then you are able contact RC Bolt-Ons here:

Customer Support:  Used as part of their privacy policy, if you have queries or issues relating to anything not mentioned above, then they are happy to answer any questions you may have through this email address.

Business Matters: While the Shadow Crown Services is currently assisting Steve and RC Bolt-Ons, we are more than happy to chat with you, you’ll find that the website is pretty much self-sufficient so the best way to ensure a prompt and acurrate answer, it is advised that you utilise these contact portals.

What else in this day and age do you need beside your very own website; well, Steve has admitted, while getting used to his new website and presence, he does still prefer the comfort of his community on facebook… Therefore, we made RC Bolt-Ons home page carry everything it needs > here

While Steve is currently getting use to the idea of being a new sole trader, he has decided to maintain a steady pace when it comes to developng his market place presence and penetrations; therefore, simply leaving him to work with his facebook page and website seems a fair start.

No documentation at present: we may upload more details shortly.
RC Bolt-Ons