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Presenting 27 years of Experience and expertise.  Arching back to the late 90s and coming to the front in 2004, we believe we have assisted, and complimented your business, in bringing you up to date in October 2019. As with all our work, the creation of this document, with active links, exists primarily for the benefits Bramblewood Kennels, and can be kept as a record of activities. This will first introduce you to one of our latest environments to further aid bramblewood along their way through to their targeted outcome.  The project, or work in itself, was/is to take all of Bramblewood Boarding Kennels past and current work and begin to centralise it, in-turn creating an online business presence that represents their ongoing efforts.  Furthermore, lending it to being their portal and their customers go to and access tool for enabling the start and progressive path towards achieving further economic growth. However, as with all things, Bramblewoods growth and success will be-defined by the amount of marketing effort(s) they apply here after, be it through us (Shadow Crown Services) as a complete solution or, from your their own continued effort(s).

Work Done


    Domain Names: (main)
    (Renewal)         (owners choice)
    Domain Name Hosting:
  • Where your website is-parked for customer viewing (12mth Renewal cycle)
  • Comes with Secure Site Locking (SSL Padlock)
  • Unlimited Space (fair usage policy applies – not for personal storage)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 2x Email Addresses
  • 2x Databases (SQL / PHP v7+)
  • 1 year free backup service (renewable with hosting)
  • 6 months warrantee for all services/repairs(plugins/upgrades/functionality are additional costs)


    Arrangement: There are plenty of options to acquire the results of our services, and we try to make it as competitive as possible.
  • 1. To Renew your Domain Name(s) and for the Hosting of your Website through us and our providers
  • 2. A basic one off payment for the latter and have your Website presence Upgraded. The booking form is part of your hosting fee.
  • 3. To pay a final fee (later, or to pass it on in the event of a business sale) for the full release of your site, otherwise meaning, to become its administrator, acquire FTP Connectivity and control along with hosting your own booking form.
    Filing System: Site images have either been reorganised, refined otherwise have been-renewed to better-reflect your business model. There has also been the introduction of a new business logo (Front Page).
    Website: while your web presence has-been built to create a very professional and unique package that generally reflects only your business.
  • 4. Copyrights / creative licensing are/is applied where appropriate; more so until full release has been-granted as per point three of this arrangement.

Filing: Decompiled and improved on images and covers within your current library in order to provide a clearer working path for updating and presentation of past, present and up and coming activities/bookings.

Site Model: There has been a complete upgrade based on your old website model. This now will work as clear and informative presentation library of your completed works, covering your history – and how you have arrived here, your current efforts – and what customers can expect from your services. It is now both an accessible and interactive medium, with a customer booking form to capture multiple bookings at any one time, any time of the day. Complete with new Privacy Policy, your site is now compliant with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 and or General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Security: Along with SSL and right click protect, your website is-also built with a firewall watching your login portal and customer/hacker site usage, as well as Googles reCAPTCHA technology and Norton Site Safe. Contacts: Along with reCAPTCHA technology, your site also has an internal contact form, which can be style in any way you feel is appropriate. The contact form, along with being intuitive enough to prevent bots and some spam, also preserves your customer’s contacts via an internal database for you to explore if your pc/tablet/phone ever lose the delivered message.

Bookings: As drawn from your previous forms, Council and DEFRA requirements. As an additional layer of security and peace in mind, your booking-form is-currently hosted separately, however, and upon full transfer of control (cost applied) can be migrated to your own site. Your form is fully functional to a point whereby not only do-our servers hold a copy of the booking for you, but also creates a single page PDF version for your records. The form is not only intuitively built based your given criteria, it will also allow payment options such as the taking of card payments; and notifies you of what the customer has chosen. Further to this, because of the database technology it uses, if your customers have used your form previously, it will hold their information for next time.

Financials: while not overly complex, PayPal has been-employed to handle your card payments. Additionally, allows for clearer monitoring/statistics of customers purchases of your services. As it stands, utilising card payment facilities can be costly; however, the form has taken this into-consideration, and adds this cost of transaction to the initial kennelling cost creating a new final booking cost.

Addresses:  to both look and feel the part, if you have a web presence, it is always advised to own and use a URL/Domain Name related email address to continuity and authenticity for you business and your customers confidence. General Enquiries:  reCAPTCHA v3 prtected and Human Test Guarded. If you have any queries or issues, you are able to use this address to enquire about anything their site does not cover. Kennelling: Unfortunately, and sometimes booking a spot is never as easy as we’d like. However, this time, through sql/php technology we have made booking both easy and less time consuming. Technical Support:  While each site is built using two emails of the businesses choosing, we also create a one tech addressto aid with security and maintenance. This address is not a publicly accessable or privately usable one. Business Matters: As an observer, if you’re interested so far as to what we can do for you, contact us…
What else in this day and age do you need beside your very own website; well, Bramblewood Boarding Kennels has admitted, while getting used to their new website and presence, they do still enjoy engaging their community on facebook… Therefore, we made Bramblewoods home page carry everything it needs drawn from > here

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Searches & Keywords: While tying into their general website model, on first observation and utilising their preferred keyword term, “# # #”, Bramblewoods old page was floating around pages 3 to 10 of a google term search. The efforts been made to date, have seen their Keyword Rank to page one, around number 3-4, in google listing.

Engines & Safety: Bramblewood Boarding Kennels are now a part of an SEO and Security network. Once they have secured the full package deal any accessibilty to these networks will become available via account user names (U/N) and Passwords (Pass). They will be able to explore a whole array of tools that is both watching and assisting Bramblewoods site.

Optimization & Performance: Because their website uses a lot of coding, and more importantly – images, not only has everything been individually optimised, Bramblewoods website utilises what is-known as “caching technology”, which with or without assistance, improves the load time of their website, so bramblewood customers are not waiting around for their website to load everything – each time they visit.

No documents availble to the public.

Support through your patronage is always appreciated, even if you would like to help us by offering a little something to keep us going with other not for profit projects.

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