CMC Registered Caravan & Motorhome Park

Sunshine Park is a newly registered Caravan and Tourer / Campervan super plot park located in the Northern Region of Cornwall. With electric and water being made available, roots are now firmly bedded which will progressively mature in to quite the luxury park that overlooks some pleasant fileds and forestlines. It will eventually be able to boast having fruits and herds as part of its landscaping as well as providing a public barbeque area; turning it in to a pleasureable haven.

Work Done

Landscaping:  From an undeveloped 0.5 acre plot of land to now offering five super plots.  This quaint site has had a new reception drive laid, security/privacy gates installed – with guest walk-around, fencing all where it matters.

Facilities:  Grey and brown waste disposal sinks have been built within a sheltered area; a water vein has been provided for your water butts, and electricity hook ups are being finalised.   The Park will soon be looking at offering a Wi-Fi service too.

Registration:  Sunshine Park – Cornwall is now registered with both the CLA and CMA to allow it to accommodate for a mix of five Caravans/Tourers and Campervans/Motorhomes.

Website Construction:  A website is now fully functional and able to accept bookings.

Administration:  An administrative system is reaching completion, whereby it will be able to record most all of its activities as well as being able to accept “Online”, “over the phone” and or “on arrival” payments.

More so than ever in these days, as part of any business construction and development, an online presence is becoming more important – so that Sunshine Park is able to provide customers/holiday-makers a portal to access and acquire these services/facilities and at a time that is more convenient to their needs.   Further to this, it also lends itself well – while being consice – to provide a more detailed explanation to their services/facilities, as the holiday-maker may need the information on the fly, and where important information could be accidentally missed over the phone.

Walk Through

Website: The website is both SSL Certified and Firewalled to protect the website itself, if it chooses to create a members area – any members details and their payment detials.   Adittionally, there is a backup and reprogramming facility, so IF – in the event someone does attempt a hack on their site,

  • » The login portal can be automatically locked down
  • » Data can be backed-up and passwords changed
  • » Account holders can be notified

Analytics:  While all information being acquired is non-person, otherwise does not identify a person, this helps the business to identify its audience in general and lend itself well to site developments, especially if a customer makes a comment.   What it records;

  • » Tracks the number of website visitors
  • » Assists towards security matters
  • » Which pages the customer uses the most
  • » Identifies location demographics

Pitches:  Dedicated page to explain what the park offers regarding its facilities.

Tour Guide:  While a reasonable amount of effort was applied here, this shows off the Southwest Region and what the Region has to offer near Sunshine Park.

Bookings:  Here we have installed an availability checker and booking system for Sunshine Parks Pitches.   You’ll also find we have created Sunshine Parks Conditions and Definitions as well as introducing their Privacy Policy.

Payments:  As part of their site security, we have also incorporated a Secure Card Payment Gateway.   All payments, along with the form that customers fill out, is handled by/under the secure environment of their chosen payment gateway.   Therefore, one way or an other card payments are being secured for peace in mind.

While there will undoubtedly be tweeks still left to be done as the park both develops and grows, it now has everything it needs to be able to function as a trading entity and in-turn choose its direction of choice, otherwise simply maintain what has been set out.

Facilities:  While most all facilities are pretty much self-explanitory; however upon inspection, if you have any queries or issues, you are able to use this address to enquire about anything their site does not cover, such as accessibility and timings, etc.

Bookings: If you feel something has not gone quite right with your booking form, or you want some detailings clearing up, then you are able contact Sunshine Park here:

Customer Support:  Used as part of their privacy policy, if you have queries or issues relating to anything not mentioned above, then they are happy to answer any questions you may have through this email address.

Business Matters: While the park supervisor is more than happy to meet and greet you, you’ll find that the park is pretty much self-sufficient so the best way to ensure a prompt and acurrate answer, it is advised that you utilise these contact portals.

While not overly used due to unavialable time and support, Sunshine Park still does have a facebook portal to work with and a later date and when news becomes available I’m sure it will get used…  > here

Beside the many other possible contract points for Sunshine Park to enter the market place.   It was decided not to pursue any further avenues and allow people, holiday makers, etc,  to approach the Park through the CMC & CLA Membership group and make their own bookings.  More so as the park is only a 5 plot super pitch site… hence the only you place can book a pitch is through Sunshine Parks official website.
No documentation at present: we may upload more details shortly.
Sunshine Park