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About Shadow Crown

About Shadow Crown

Welcome to Shadow Crown Services Ltd...

Thanks for taking the time in reading and getting to know About the Basics of Shadow Crown Services Ltd (SCS); or trading informally as, Shadow Crown.

Being a project in itself and a long time in the making, it is promising to be a great world development opportunity that will bring a great deal of help to, if not all, the majority of people right across the home we all call Earth.   The Idea, aspiration that has assisted in building this site, has been born from many years of observations, listening and then learning about the workings of the Home, Business and Governing realms.

From Society's to their Leadership:

"A Worldwide Knowledge-Based Organisation (KBO) that centres on developing
both people and businesses for a brighter future of an ever evolving world."

Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. Whilst being quite cliché, yet widely used, you really have to consider what it actually means and what can in fact be achieved from such a practice!   Shadow Crown has come in to existence because it believes collectively, in one fashion or another, we can achieve more than what has been done over the past sixty years (pre-2015).

However, for those who feel there is more to this than meets the eye, and not quite sure whether to be taken in by this; be assured -   - what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), and that we do not have a hidden agenda!


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"It's not about doing what's easy; but about doing what's right!"

Born out of the 2009 Chaos, Shadow Crown has been steadily building and working voluntarily in the background; from this, Shadow Crown has become quite an authority on ensuring you, whether social, economic and or civic spheres, have received the support needed to resolve a particular or given issue and or have generally identified a path forward.

As an independent body, our efforts have also been to assist in the development of perspective of the EU or then, the EEC, along with other establishments such as; WHO, UN, NATO, WB & IMF, WEF and so on throughout a catalogue of Institutions and Non-Government Organisations (NGO's) world over.


[expandsub2 title="Statement" rel="basics-highlander" tag="h4"] Home and Business Development Consultation:

Shadow Crown Services is about creating clear lines of direction and progression, shedding a light on the why's and what-for of participation and integration.   From showing that all labours do bear their fruits, that people, participation and perspective are important components of development and progression of societal, economical, and political infrastructures.

We endeavour to try and write out any baseless empowerment, and build in a healthy ability to see and create a far greater worth in both yourselves, and those you may influence.

Whether it is from the early stages of your life through to taking your next steps on to something bigger and better, we are here to assist in achieving that future for both the individual and the collective!


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To date, while Shadow Crown has indeed been working voluntarily in the background, over the years Shadow Crown has become good at what it does.   Our long-range view is to become an out-right Community Interest Company (CIC).

While not exactly a secret, as we have been here for people to find, however; through our particularly new perspective (different lens, or mindset), and starting at the top where it was needed the most at the time - - Shadow Crown has begun to turn the wide-arse of this planet around, and on a new course for everyone to benefit from.

From time-to-time, SCS may sound a little preachy, however, this is not our intention, this has come from a solid grounding and understanding as to what needs to be done.

To avoid being just a knowledge based service of box tickers, otherwise becoming one sided and ignorant, not only are we down to earth and approachable, we like to be hands on, so we can really get a feel for what you need and or want for your environment, as well as your need and or want from us as a Research, Innovations, Development and Implementation Consultant; we're always happy to try and answer any questions you may have.

  • Work with all people that require assistance no matter the level or sector.
  • Build/Construct; deliver related products and or services to assist Point 1, here.
  • To continue building on what is currently known as the, “Ark-Design”.
  • To extend on Point 2 to achieve a Cleaner Greener Globe, and its other aims as held therein of Point 3.


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="Methodology" rel="basics-highlander" tag="h4"]

Shadow Crown’s methodology is based on:

“The Fountain Effect”

Some may even know it as the Champagne Effect.

To start, Shadow Crown follows four fundamental principles, or cornerstones, which in their variations have helped us over the many years to develop as both individuals and as a collective.

  • Listen
  • Think
  • Learn
  • Talk

Drawn from our Function, to some it will understandably seem as if SCS favours the upper echelons, however, be assured that we don't.   Our prime focus is all those that need help and or general assistance, no matter the grade and or level, and are responded to on its own merit; furthermore, your willingness to receive and act on the help provided.

Shadow Crown is as real as any other site and person that has come before; however, SCS differs in that we dare do what others will not.   Unless required to maintain a BALANCE, Compromise is a last resort for us, while finding the best options and because we understand the path until now, we will lead the way forward.

When exploring ideas and their options, we identify the practical application, longevity through life-cycles and the impact in achieving yours and or its own goals.   We are able to do this through a progressively developed understanding of Utilitarianism; so we're not in this because it sounds good or solely money driven.   Whatever we do, we do it to ensure growth, progress and enlightenment is still possible... then its money!

When exploring philosophies and methodologies, it is understandable to find some are looking for the Ideology; therefore! Well... please see our Mission for that ;o)


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"Keep doing what you're always doing, keep getting what you're always getting!"

Thanks for having a quick browse over - Our Mission.

While it all may still seem very surreal and at the same time a little confusing; we don't blame you!   However, remember, the basics are the basics, and we'll try our best to convey our message in as little space as possible.

As pointed out in our statement, we are about creating clear lines of understanding, therefore;

  • We are a consultation and proactive (Mentoring) development system
  • We work with:
    • Societies as in people or Homes
    • Economics as in product life cycles and movements or Businesses, and
    • Governing bodies as in civil services or Guardians.
  • We don't just tick boxes and walk away with your money.
  • We explore and implement growth and sustainability, balance and direction.


[expandsub2 title="Inception" rel="mission-highlander" tag="h4"]

Shadow Crown Services journey to progressively becoming a NGO for International Community Interests and Development was always anticipated to be a long one with many challenges on its way.

Shadow Crown Services has generally explored the last two plus millennia, from which we have naturally discovered that our timeline has given birth to-many good and bad things; from the civility of groups and societies, through to industrial revolutions, also from basic community financial development to international banking, through to the expansion and contraction of political/hierarchical models –to the least of which being the concerns covering aliens.   While there are many good things to be thankful for and to continue to work on, it is the abuses that have brought us (SCS) in to existence.   Whether baseless or not, another concern has been presented to us - and is being called the "New World Order", or NWO.

Within the lighter side of humanity, we also begun to uncover some interesting long term goals, which has broadened our view of the world and the race that lives on it; us!

"You're part of the New World Order (NWO)", we hear some claim.

Sorry, No.   Perhaps a New Order of the Worlds (NOW) thinking may-be; Perspective.   Again, no.   Shadow Crown doesn't believe for one moment that the world needs healing, nor does it need a new form of World Order; Super Elite chosen on bloodlines, etc.

If anything and at the very least, all that is needed from us all is;

to simply clean up the mess, set some records straight,
create opportunities to grow (Intrinsically and or extrinsically), weed out unsavoury and threatening characters,
repair what's broken, create cohesion and understanding among the masses, clear the mind and continue to keep moving forward!

From here, and based on the information being fed back from the three main spheres, this will then cascade across the board and create both foundations and platforms in which we rollout the base model of our mission.

Evolution of Human Existentialism and Advancement of Technology (HEAT) here, then further explore and conect new worlds...


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="Implementation" rel="mission-highlander" tag="h4"]

So, our Mission so far and in short, is to turn up the, HEAT...

Through universal innovations for stabilising and developing infrastructures, along with its leaders, shunt the world back on to a track that is suitable to all walks of life, and in-turn, heading towards a Cleaner Greener Globe.

You've by now heard of "Big Brother is watching!"   Yes/No; well, it's not us, nor are we the NWO, Illuminati, 322, Skull and Scroll or Key, Knights Templar, Free Masons or any other cult-driven group to that end; and not because they wouldn't have us either, ha-ha!

No... We are watching them watching you.   Shadow Crown is the much needed Directorate, Administrative and Development (DAD) system that addresses accountabilities to the highest Echelon through to the deepest of coven; a system you can get involved with and have your say on matters that will be fed through to the appropriate area(s) - - if, in the first instance your efforts directly with them fail; we are the final, and international, port to call.

So, it is about you, from you as an individual, through to the largest of business, our efforts have proven useful and productive, and would like, otherwise invite you to become involved in both yours and the worlds development.

The involvement is not isolated to the advanced societies (technological and ecological), it is extended to all other parts of the world too.   Most leaders do know about Shadow Crown now, and understand to one extent or another what we are doing and wanting to achieve.


  • Accountability (Internationally)
  • Perspective (singing from the same hymn sheet; positive and realistic)
  • Protection (Personal safety; refocus - defending the planet) Peace (War amongst ourselves not as a resolve)
  • Prosperity (Balance & Direction)
  • Cleaner Greener Globe (Better tech)
  • Unity (Universal Partnership; Regulated, not - Controlled movement)
  • Space Exploration under one Flag


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="Investment" rel="mission-highlander" tag="h4"]
"Anything good, or worthwhile, never came easy."

Ok.   First it's best to understand, whilst there is a monetary value to such activities, however and without a thread of complaint, Shadow Crown has been operating this mission or development project since 2009 and has not once received a penny (UK Sterling = 1p) for it.

Shadow Crown has first and foremost - paid out for all its expenses and in-turn, second - done this purely as a pro-Bono project to come to better understand the initial complaints and their roots, be-it secular and or cult societal groupings, the mechanics of economics and or the practices of politics and their eventual and circular impact(s) on societies and the overal environment.

Sometimes the day will seem very dark and brisk, with others feeling warn and very rewarding.


For this section, Shadow Crown can only do so much on its own; therefore, this is where you're going to be able to help us further help you even more.

We are looking for participation that includes but not limited to,

  • Deferred loans/Investments, to
  • Patient Invested Partners, through to
  • Grant access/awards and Donations – as well as your all important
  • participation and custom.

All of which will further progress this effort, and make this mission work for us all; furthermore, what you will see is, innovations start to spring out (saving you hundreds #100.00s, and creating more work), an international platform/system in which to work with and from come to life, and lives begin to turn around.


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"A forests roots are deep & strong, with trunks diverse & flexible;
They can adapt & weather time!"

From pushing a brush, packing salts through to abattoirs; from baking buns to construction; from cleaning cars, taxiing through to mechanics; from computer building/repairs and languages to understanding laws of man and nature; from the bar to being landlord; from employee to management through to directorship levels, even military duty to political consultation.   GCSE's to NVQs, HNDs to a Masters; blood, sweat, tears and a good few arguments along the way - in no particular order - much like you, the Architect/Principal has travelled many a path to arrive here to offer you something you can work with.


[expandsub2 title="Principal" rel="team-highlander" tag="h4"]
Out Team




Principal and Founder:
With about twenty years experience in customer orientated environments, overlapped by nearly ten years in political development, underpinned with qualifications from NVQs in Retail Management to a Master of Management; Shadow Crown has come together to help lead the way to bigger better things for us all.


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="Principal Assistant" rel="team-highlander" tag="h4"]
Out Team




Principal Assistant:
This could be you... This posts details and requirements will become available soon.


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="VP: Project Handling" rel="team-highlander" tag="h4"]
Out Team




Head of Project Management:
This could be you... This posts details and requirements will become available soon.


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="VP: RD & Innovations" rel="team-highlander" tag="h4"]
Out Team




Head of Research & Development:
This could be you... This posts details and requirements will become available soon.


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="VP: Marketing & Tech" rel="team-highlander" tag="h4"]
Out Team




Head of Marketing and Technology Requirements:
This could be you... This posts details and requirements will become available soon.


[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title="VP: Accounting" rel="team-highlander" tag="h4"]
Out Team




Head of Financial Management and Accounting:
This could be you... This posts details and requirements will become available soon.


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"All ends are followed by new beginnings"

Quite a tail and mission so far, yes!   Along with many others that have participated along the way, and having their own all important stories tell too; We hope if nothing else, you realise you don't have to be in the upper echelons to contribute, just develop the capacity, the will and drive to learn about and understand the world around you no matter your walk of life.

If not all, some will have noticed an air of symmetry in what Shadow Crown has progressively built, and what Shadow Crown does.

  • We work from the bottom-up, and the top-down
    • We fear not the top, or fear what cannot be seen
      • We work as a consultant, or we'll give you a hand
      • We are a business, but also an international system
    • We work in the now, and - have our sights on the future
  • We work on the premise of creating balance and direction

Persistent Fact Finder and Concerned otherwise passionate developers; We know Shadow Crown would not have come this far without those/you in the background, therefore.   If not accepting a our open invitation to join us, We encourage you to continue this effort, and encourage others to join in.

Whilst still a little rough in places, we are getting there... the more that comes on board, the greater the results we'll see; the more people are patient with each other, the greater the chance of change; yet tolerate not those who blatantly ignore - otherwise cause degradation to a brighter future, and our common ground.   We're all human, and we all have chosen to live this life for one reason or another.

Let's help each other in one manner or another, and create a future we all need and want.