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A very patient and thoughtful man with a wealth of experience in his industry set, arching back to the late 60s with Steam Hammer and Tangerine Dreams.  This page has been put together, with active links, to help you see what has been completed to date.  The project in itself was/is to take all of Mr Jolliffe’s past and current work and begin to centralise it so as to create a business entity that represents Steves ongoing efforts.  In-turn, lending itself as a go to point for his supporters to access, as well as creating a tool for enabling financial indepedence.

Work Done

Filing: Decompiled and improved on images and covers within Steve’s current library in order to provided a clearer working path for updating and presentation of future completed works.

Website: This now will work as the presentation library of Steve’s completed works, whether it is an accessible and downloadable music library, and or art and written publications.

Discography: While there is still some work (gathering and collation) needing to be done here, Steve’s library has started to be recompiled and reestablish itself as a matter of fact archive assembly.

Financials: While not overly complex, and all work is indeed upgradeable to achieve greater returns, this primarily is to ensure Steve Jolliffes Music acquires money due according to his work and efforts, more so turn the table around whereby the greater portion of return is for Steve. Additionally, allows for clearer monitoring of outgoings too, albeingtold, will assist in progressing his life’s ambition as an artist and or philosopher.


  • Steve Jolliffe-Management Agreement – Full Management or, a One off Agreement
  • Either one off Payment for Start-up (Chosen), or contract agreement at or around 15% dependent on requiremnts.
  • New filing system, Image rebuild and web presence. (copyrights / creative licensing are/is applied where appropriate)

Steve Jolliffes site now benefits from pretty much everything you would want from a startup working/business site.  Furthermore, the site as one whole entity can also be upgraded to enjoy further benefits and without actually changing anything – – other than having all of the small ads removed of course.

Walk Through

Domain Name: While Steven does have a domain name [], he has opted for a test run of what his very own site could look like > here

Subscription: If not on facebook, twitter etc, or even if you don’t want to spend time looking for the latest update, now you can keep informed through signing up to Steves mailing list.

Music Library: Now you are able to find most all of Steve Jolliffes Music and if you can’t find it within his discography, you can also request it, as such with Steves Video productions.

Image Gallary: Quite often some of the work that some artist create for their album covers cannot always be found, so we have now provided an oportunity to not only find it here, even better still, you can also find Steves personal art work too.

Document Archive: Here we have ensured that you can now find Steve Jolliffes Biography, Philosophical insights and Peotry.

Ticket Box Office: While you can from time to time find tickets else where, you now have the opportunity to secure your venue ticket directly from Steves Business Entity itself.

Communications: Subscription or Emailing, Steve Jolliffes site is also linked to most all social media sites, just in case you don’t want to miss a beat.

While being built with mobile technology in mind, we have tried to think of as much as possible to enable Steve to get off to a good start, even created some bespoke images for the site.

Subscriptions: Steve’s site now has the facility so as his supporters can keep their finger on the beat as to what Steve Jolliffe is planning next, such as new tracks, venues, and so forth.

Emailing: Becuase Steve is now constructing a sole proprietary business, we have provided a dedicated email address for him.  [email protected]

Bookings: For a while, and Steves site will be updated accordingly, you’ll either be able to contact Steve through the above, as well as being able to use the mailing links provided below,

Business Matters: All being told, through Steve Jolliffes site, you’ll also be able to discuss further business with Steve.  Along with discussing business matters, you’ll also be able to chat about having bespoke music created for that project you’re considering starting, or currently have underway.

What else in this day and age do you need beside your very own website; well, Steve has admitted, while getting used to his new website and presence, he does still prefer the comfort of his community on facebook… Therefore, we made Steve Jolliffes home page carry everything it needs > here

Beside the many other contract holders for the distribution of Steve Jolliffes Music, it was decided not to pursue any further avenues, and allow people, fans/followers, etc to approach Steve himself and make their own deals… hence the reason for an official Steve Jolliffe website.

No documentation at present: we may upload Steve’s Discography shortly.
Steve Jolliffe Music