Much like a self-organising map… we have systemically reduced the journey of a business down into principal parts to keep this simple for you to explore what we offer.  From here, you will be able to pick and choose what you would like us to provide you, creating either a singular, bespoke or complete service.

Complete Packaging or a specific need.   Assistance is here with designing, principle testing, to building your new business venture with you.   Your plan could already be in motion, but you're not sure of what is happening or what to do next:

Venture Creation

Something in mind and want to explore it...


Business idea assesment and directional
support to what's needed.

Business Startup

Considered it, now you want to create it...


Finalise you business plan,
and introduce you to the rest of our facilities.

Business Support

Something not right, or have a bigger idea...


As a complete facility,
let's have a look together to what we can do.

There’s a good deal to work with…
Use the enquiry form to refine your search,
you’ll probably find more options to better suit your needs there.

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Not everything that makes a business work, happens on the surface.  Sometimes it's simply the digitalisation of policies and procedures, a need for technology infrastructure (Computers and Networks), to the development and or  delivery of training.

  • Coaching
  • Computing
  • Consulting
  • Costing


  •   One to One sessions
  •   One way Group meetings, 15 persons plus.
  •   Management coaching.
  •   Leadership directional support.
  • ... Description >


Generally, coaching is something that is designed, developed and delivered from our own materials, fluent and based on our observations to suit your situation.   Providing it's a one way session, it can be delivered to group sizes over 15 persons.


  •   One to One sessions
  •   Two way Group meetings, 6 - 15 persons.
  •   Employment Training.
  •   In-house training development.
  • ... Description >


More specifically, training is focused to situations which are based on two way communication.   Whether a job training program or in house systems, we can review, develop and or even deliver the start up phases of your new training packages.


  •   Business and Gaming Systems
  •   Security Camera Systems
  •   Tower / PSU changes
  •   Motherboard & RAM Replacements, etc
  • ... Description >


Constructed to fulfil many purposes.   Included are day and night, pan and tilt systems, bare bone systems built to handle high speed, low power specs even for graphic design / gaming systems; through to Component replacements.   Soon we'll be look at a shop system.


  •   Small Networks upto 4
  •   Medium Networks upto 24
  •   Wireless and Hardwire
  •   Home, Shop to Small office Netwoks
  • ... Description >


Whether the home, shop or business, trust in wireless or not.   There are a variety of options, coming in many shapes and sizes, speed, range and security ...    Build, Repair, upgrading and installation of networked systems, with exception to, at the moment, larger server systems.


  •   Policy and Procedure Assessment
  •   Recruitment processes
  •   Cellar & Kitchen Upgrades
  •   Electrical Site and Energy Saving Mapping
  • ... Description >


Alternatively known as Project Management; more specifically, the Development and or Refinement of your Project.   We've many years of experience in many industries, so we can see what you need and want quickly, otherwise, iron out any issues to get your project underway.


  •   P & P Digitalisation.
  •   Contract Development
  •   Facility and ICT Installations
  •   Business or Branch Setups / upgrades, etc
  • ... Description >


Also being a part of Project Management; this time, more specifically about the Implementation of your new or existing development plans.   Whether a standalone service, or if you've contracted us, for continuity, to initiate your upgrades / reconfigurations.


  •   Control & Admin Systems
  •   Investigations
  •   Account Collections
  •   Asset Management
  • ... Description >


Beyond Management of data, we also offer a white collar service where we can collect under your banner, or... you can contract us to handle your clients accounts.   We can also assist with the best advice on recording (till) systems through to what is happening with your income stream(s).


  •   Project Assessments / Viability
  •   Asset / Capital Management
  •   Resource Procurement
  •   Client Accounts Management
  • ... Description >


Financial Management vs Financial Accounting:
We don't handle 'Accounting' as this is a more specialised task where a Chartered Accountant steps in - to ensure organising, reliefs and submissions are done properly. (GAAP)

There’s a good deal to work with…
Use the enquiry form to refine your search,
you’ll probably find more options to better suit your needs there.

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As a start to this section, whether with us, or planning to build your own, in a world of knowledge and advice, remember three things: Presentation, Structure, and Information, to give that all round value to your business and your customers engaging experience.   Have a look at the work we've completed on behalf of our customers.

  • Hosting
  • Development
  • Optimisation
  • Materials


Ideal for Personal or SME

£ 36   year

  • 1 x Main & Sub Domain
  • Domain Redirects
  • 2x Email Address
  • Email reDirections
  • Up to-date PHP Database
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSL Padlock Included
  • Disk Space (fair usage)


WordPress / Joomla / Drupal Ready: e.g. Your hosting having access to two databases will allow for you to host a wordpress site and a forum.

You initial purchase will come with the latest wordpress package installed, while it will only be the structure only.   From here, and with your username and password, you could be set-up and building your to completion within hours of starting!


Starter Support Pack

£ 50   year

  • Basic Site Repairs
  • General Support
  • Database Backups (4/4)
  • Email Purging
  • Advice to best apps
  • .
  • .
  • .


While we'll endeavour to assist you in your website pursuits, buying a starter support pack will ensure you have our attention; additionally, delivered once a quarter (3mth), we'll send copy of your backed up database, site-backup, wordpress or html.

If you feel you are about to give up, don't... while keeping your basic support pack, with a discounted rate for being a customer, we'll help you finish off your project.


Less Hassle more Hustle

£ 250   from

  • We updated all functions
  • You can edit Images and Text
  • You can add pages and posts
  • You can create contact forms
  • You have access to backup messages
  • We maintain the health of your site
  • We can add functional users
  • We can upgrade your site
  • Comes with Full First Year Support


The Managers Pack is a secure wordpress developed site with all the trimmings that we host for you.

In-line with your input, we will build you a unique to your business and market place website.

While we advertise a basic support, as part of the build, you'll also have full support, back-ups and modifications work; every year after, as a Managers Customer you'll only pay for the basic support.

It can be built with intuitive application or spam protected  contact forms, booking suites, maps, customer area and guest forums, and much more.


As if it came out of a box

£ 400   from

  • We build your site
  • You have full access and control
  • We'll migrate your site, or
  • We'll ensure hosting is secure
  • We'll ensure it is healthy and upto date
  • FTP Account is available
  • A developers door can be created
  • Upload, Create, Edit or Delete all content
  • Basic SEO System.


Extending on the Management Pack, there are two ways we can help you with our administrators pack, either:

1. Based on your input, we can build your site for you, pack it and then migrate it for you, or

2. With the same functionality as the management pack; we can host it for you and you will have full privelages as mentioned within hosting.

As your a build customer, you'll benefit from 6 months full developers support to ensure you are still running ok, then if you would like to discuss a maintenance pack or basic customer support, we'll be here for you.


Repair, Maintain, Upgrade

£ Quote   from

  • Per Hour
  • Per Item, or Work Load
  • Older HTML Sites
  • Create Own Development Plan
  • Monitor, Improve Site Security
  • Account / Forum Management


While we offer an assisted hosting service as opposed to just space leaving you to it.   We're here to help you with your site that you are hosting elsewhere.

Repairs: Outsourcing is quite a big thing and equally can focus internal resourcing. We are offering an as and when service.

Maintenance: Maintenance services are useful for those with limited internal resources and can save you the headaches.

Upgrading: Depending on your current set up, choosing from our Management or Administration Pack would help, otherwise we can implement one offs.


Improve Your Site Ranking

£ 70   from

  • Identify your Focus / Key words
  • Select and Mark key pages
  • Configure your pages / content
  • Prepare and register your site map
  • Connect other suitable tools
  • Ready for you to take over


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), while it may fall under Web Development, you'll find this is a task in itself.

The overarching reason for SEO, is to help your site move up page rankings - or where you are in the search result, and is achieved through improving, otherwise identifying, your businesses key (catch) words that your prospective customers will use to find you.

On the flip side, and where some of the work comes in, is the possibility that some of pages content may need some work.

We also work with older HTML models.

Marketing Materials

Office, Site and Advertising

£ Quote   from

  • Logo Creation
  • Image Creation, Editing and Refinements
  • Business stationary (Cards, Letter heads, etc)
  • Fliers / Pamflets
  • Banners and more...


From full size images to icons, or straight from scratch, we can build logos from one or two parts to more complex models.

"One of our more complex designs comprised of over hundred parts and took about two months to build, and the finish is definitely eye catching."

Shadow Crown Services Ltd

What better to have a new or existing site showcasing a new logo or design features.   From Logos to backgrounds, we can also make up all you stationary with your designs, and once completd you be sent them from one of our trusted finishers.

There’s a good deal to work with…
Use the enquiry form to refine your search,
you’ll probably find more options to better suit your needs there.

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  • a) Support & Development Packs are optional.
  • b) Discounts only applied if hosting with us.
  • c) Tailor your service pack
  • d) URL, or Domain Name, is subject to availability and registrar price evaluation.
  • e) External domain names can be directed to us or parked by us
  • f) We can transfer domain names, in and out.
  • 1. Currently, we do not collect VAT
  • 2. The cost of your site will be based on the size and complexity
  • 3. If we are not competitive enough, show us a quote and we’ll meet or beat it!
  • 4. As our customer base grows, we will look to expand our services to self hosting – we’re nearly there!
  • 5. Please read our Policies and Licenses covering your rights, copyrights covering digital material production / creations.
Hosting with us (Shadow Crown Services)     Hosted externally (another provider)